Call Recording

Award-winning integrated hardware and software solution providing call recording, call reporting and call management for multiple lines/handsets.

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VoIP Recording

Scalable, flexible digital extension VoIP call recording solution, stored in the cloud. Access your data from anywhere through your browser.

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Telephone Security

Retell Sense Voice Firewall is designed stop calls and reduce excessive bills through telephone system fraud, enhancing your telephone system security.

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Office Products

Browse our extensive range of call recording and telephony products for any office, of any size, for home workers or for the private home user.

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Retell was selected as Balfour’s call recording solution provider after testing several other systems over the years. We found that Retell not only offered the best value for money but also the most usable and valuable features. The added functionality of patented Call Matching technology, meant that calls weren’t mismatched it gave us total peace of mind.
David Hart, Balfour International
Purple Parking has been utilising the call recording solution provided by Retell for many years now and find the system invaluable to our business as it provides us with essential support for our Call Centre and our Customer Relations department. It is reliable and easy to use, but if support is required the response is quick, efficient and helpful.
Debby Roberts, Purple Parking

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Why Choose Retell?

Retell offers a wealth of telecomms services designed to help you gain the most from your call recording solution.

Retell knows, inside-out, the products, the technology and the ways in which telephone recording equipment can benefit your organisation. Retell designs, builds, delivers, rents, sells, installs, supports and maintains the most comprehensive range of call recording equipment available on the market today – from single handset recording software for a PC to thousands of channels across multiple siteComputer telephony integration (CTI) links your telephone system with servers and databases pan-enterprise.

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…more features, one supplier, one UK manufacturer, more profits for partners and even more reliability. Look no further than Retell for Voice Recording, IVR, Voice Firewall, Call Management, VOX and TPS.

Telephone Preference Service – The laws have changed!

This week the Law has changed surrounding companies making marketing calls. The new law allows companies to make marketing phone calls without prior permission, but they must first check the Telephone Preference Service, which lists

Telephone System Security: Retell Voice Firewall

PABX hacking/phreaking/toll fraud is becoming increasingly widespread and is costing businesses globally £40 billion a year in unexpected telephone bills, £1.2 billion of which is charged to UK companies. PABX dial through fraud is carried

Looking to record from your mobile phone?

Look no further than Retells Smartphone Recorder offering you simple and reliable voice recording for any smart phone that has a 4 pole audio socket. Our device simply connects to the audio socket to record on demand via a simple slide switch located on the device.

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