About Retell

We’ve been providing award-winning solutions & service for over 30 years.

Retell’s History

In 1986, Retell’s telephone recording equipment led to our earliest successes, with self-employed telephone sales trainers a ready market for the products we built. These units were sold into call centres nation-wide and then world-wide.

However, the call logging market has since opened up and demand for telephone recording products which improve customer service, often through staff training, has dramatically increased.

This has in turn seen Retell grow continuously – we’ve addressed our demand-led expansion by relocating four times to bigger premises over the years.

Why choose Retell?

Big enough to deliver… but still small enough to care.

You’ll benefit from Retell’s commitment to the latest in call recording technology, our first-rate design and build standards, ease of use and exceptional customer service and care.

Our ergonomic, stylish and easy-to-use products have become increasingly popular. You’ll also appreciate a customer support model which endorses the direct and personal input of our Chief Technical Officer and a select team of dedicated technicians.

Retell offers a wealth of services designed to help you gain the most from your call recording solution.

Well-versed in installing call recording systems of 3000 channels or more, our project management team boasts exemplary skills and experience. We’ll work closely with your business managers, IT/comms professionals and service providers to ensure that your chosen solution is up and running quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

With more than 30 years’ experience in call recording, databases and telephone systems, we’re delighted to offer comprehensive consultation on all aspects of telephone call recording, IVR, databases, general telephony and line control.

If you’d like your call recording and/or call management system to be integrated and fine-tuned to your IT infrastructure or business model, please find out about our customisation services.

As manufacturer, Retell is uniquely placed to provide training services for your personnel on our equipment, whether you’re our end-user customer or a partner within our reseller/dealer network.

Retell’s call recording equipment and accessories range is the most comprehensive in the UK.

Our telephone recording products address the broadest palette of business and public-sector usage: from the comparatively modest needs of individuals, through the regular requirements of SMEs, to the weight, volume, accuracy and rigorousness demanded by the largest government departments, financial trading floors and multi-seat call centres.

Over the last 30 years, Retell has continually raised the bar on advanced call recording technology. In the 90s Retell was the first company to facilitate telephone recording through the insulated cable; a major advance in the days before handsets commonly could be unplugged.

Retell telephone recording solutions cover the widest possible range of usages, from call logging, call centre recording and music-on-hold to voice firewalls and related PABX and PBX anti-phreaking, hacking and toll fraud.