The Company

Arriva UK Bus is one of the largest and most established bus service providers in the UK, with services throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The organisation prides itself on the excellent service it consistently offers its customers. Arriva UK Bus is part of the Arriva group, which is owned by Deutsche Bahn. Arriva is a leading pan- European public transport operator with around 47,500 employees and operations across 12 European countries. Arriva runs a range of transport services including buses, trains, coaches, waterbuses and airport-related transport services, and bus and coach distribution. With operations in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and the UK, Arriva provides more than 1.5 billion passenger journeys every year.

The Challenge

Arriva UK Bus has its Customer Services Contact Centre at its Luton Head Office in Bedfordshire. The Contact Centre consists of 33 Agents and Management Staff, covering shift patterns between 8am and 6pm, between Monday to Friday. This busy and dynamic Customer Service operation handles on average 1200 calls daily from customers both regionally and nationally. The Contact Centre Management needed a call recording and call management solution, to provide a tool for training and coaching customer service agents, together with management reports on inbound telephone traffic. Retell’s telephone reseller partner Meridian Options, who maintains Arriva’s telephone system infrastructure, recommended Retell’s award winning Sense call recording platform and integrated call management suite. Arriva UK Bus susequently chose Retell as their preferred call recording provider of choice.

Why was Retell Chosen?

The main reason Arriva UK Bus invested in the Retell Sense recorder was the benefit of its integrated call management, wall boards and voice recording, all included within one single interface. The solution enabled the Customer Service department to move away from manual call management and agent monitoring methods to an efficient, automated process. The implementation of the Sense Call Recording system has successfully improved performance, with higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased productivity by 30% within 3 months. More calls are now being answered as the call management application highlights abandoned calls to supervisor stations and on the wallboard. The call reports also help to track and monitor call peaks at particularly busy periods or as a result of unexpected events. The solution has been instrumental in assessing agent performance, highlighting both the most productive employees and enabling a clear training path for under performers.

The Solution

Laura Beswick, Senior Customer Service Advisor oversees the Contact Centre, where agents deal with a broad variety of inbound and outbound calls ranging from timetable and general enquiries to complaints. Laura has found recording to be a valuable audit tool, to check exactly what was said during a call and to ensure that information advised is correct and that false claims and disputes are easily rectified on the playback of a call. Agents are also encouraged from a self-coaching perspective, to play back and listen to their own calls, so that they too can evaluate how well they handled their calls and whether there was room for improvement. Staff members are assessed on the number of incoming calls they handle and both incoming and outgoing calls are monitored.