The Company

Balfour is a market leader in audio-visual digital display media, working in partnership with advertisers and venues around the world to offer them new and innovative ways to connect (or reconnect) with their customers.

Through our offices based in the UK, the Middle East and Asia we offer the complete package from design, technical expertise, content creation and digital sales.

You’ll find us lighting up the world’s most vibrant markets – shopping malls, airports, train stations, office buildings, outdoor city locations and major public venues – creating a stir with our Pop- Up media events and display networks.

For advertisers, we provide cutting edge audio visual technologies in top class venues in key markets. Once a campaign is active we deliver reports that chart its success, ensuring our clients get the best return from the investment.

For venues, we provide peerless technology ensuring that they remain at the forefront in their industry. Balfour technology can be bought or leased, or we will help meet the cost of renting through advertising sales through our in- house digital agency. We can also supply equipment for music events, exhibitions and shows on a short and long term basis.

The Challenge

Balfour International is a very vibrant, fast moving company. As such the need for constant training and monitoring is critical, in order to maximise our sales teams effectiveness in the market place. It was identified that a call recording system was required in order to facilitate training programmes for staff and also for management to identify personnel that could demonstrate the key skills required to move up within the company.

Why was Retell Chosen?

Retell was selected as Balfour’s call recording solution provider after testing several other systems over the years. We found that Retell not only offered the best value for money but also the most useable and valuable features. The added functionality of patented Call Matching technology, meant that calls weren’t mismatched it gave us total peace of mind.

The system, Sense, is very easy to manage with very little training required in order for an operator to use it. The front end of the system is clean and straight forward in its delivery of calls, interrogating the system to research call records is simple. Currently a combined system of ISDN and SIP lines are used within Balfour and the Sense system copes with both effortlessly.