The Company

NETCO (New England Telephone Company) were established in Hertfordshire in 1994 to provide total telecommunications and IT solutions to businesses and organisations across three counties and the UK. In 2007, NETCO acquired and moved in to a brand new state of the art £2m facility within Capability Green in Luton, Bedfordshire.

NETCO is an ISO9001 accredited company and a true Communication Solutions Provider sourcing technology from worldwide, recognised industry leaders in telephone systems such as NEC. NETCO became NEC’s first UK dealer and are NEC’s longest serving UK dealer. By having strong strategic alliances with leading technology partners, NETCO ensures that business customers receive a bespoke voice solution, constructed using the best possible sources. NETCO customers receive the highest possible after sales care; maintenance and on-going training programmes, which support the bespoke solutions and tailored service that its customers expect and has helped build NETCO’s strong reputation in the marketplace.

The Challenge

NETCO like many organisations decided to use call recording as an audit tool, to assess what was actually being said on recorded telephone calls, to make improvements to the business in areas such as sales, training, productivity and dispute resolution.

 The key areas of the business which required call recording were the telesales and technical departments. Historically, appointments were set up and there was no way of checking what was said during the conversation and whether the lead has been adequately screened and qualified before a sales visit took place. The knock-on effect was wasted time in sales visits where there were no real sales opportunities.

Why was Retell Chosen?

The main reason NETCO invested in the Retell Sense recorder was the benefit of its integrated call management, wall boards and voice recording, all included within one single interface. The solution is an important audit tool in ensuring that records and processes are effectively maintained and call recording accessed to improve in areas such as sales, quality of service, productivity and technical support. By implementing call recording, this has actually helped NETCO in maintaining its quality standard for ISO9001 accreditation.

The Solution

Retell’s Sense Call Recording system provided the perfect solution since information captured during the sales call could be easily verified and assessed, before the appointment took place. This ensured that the sales lead was fully qualified and there was a justified solution need. Call recording was being used as a training and feedback tool, so that telesales staff could be effectively coached and developed. Furthermore, the salesman could also listen to the original call taken and check what was said at first-hand and what the customer was interested in purchasing.

NETCO also used call recording for vetting outsourced leads which the company bought from various marketing companies. The cost of the leads were quite expensive, so call recording acted as an important audit tool, to ensure that only valid leads were paid for. Therefore, if leads were not genuine sales opportunities, the recordings could be sent to the marketing company and any disputes easily resolved and a credit received. In this way, the call recording was helping the business to save money.

The Technical department found the use of call recording useful to assess technical calls for ISO9001 compliance. The Technical epartment runs a ticketing system for customer’s faults and change requests. They use the recorder, firstly as a reference to an outstanding ticket conversation, to replay and ensure they have covered everything, and also in the rare event of a dispute with a customer, all parties can listen to the conversation.

Simon Lamport, Managing Director of NETCO also uses the call recording system to forward calls to staff, for reference or further attention, highlighting his comments or suggested actions. By providing a recording, it prevented the need to compile lengthy e-mails and risk missing important facts about the conversation. By listening to a recording sent by email, staff received a clear and accurate picture of what was actually said.