The Company

Formed in 2002, The Parabis Group has become a leading force in the legal marketplace, providing innovative and cost effective solutions to it’s clients. They have grown from a core base in legal supply by developing a rapidly expanding portfolio of complementary services to the insurance, travel and related industries. The organisation has undertaken a dynamic expansion programme and currently employs 2500 staff at 16 sites across the UK.

Through it’s legal firms and professional services companies, The Parabis Group covers a broad range of assignments with specialised divisions focusing on Law, Loss Adjusting/Claims Handling, Risk Assessment, Health & Safety, Rehabilitation, Outsourced Claims Solutions, Case Management Systems and Management Consultancy. Parabis is a very successful Legal Law Practice (LLP), and plans to expand over the next few years by innovation and large-scale acquisition.

The Challenge

Given the nature of business undertaken by The Parabis Group, call recording was required for best practice quality audits, fraud prevention, dispute avoidance and FSA regulatory purposes. Call recording was implemented at 5 sites; Croydon, Halifax, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, supporting primarily the contact centre and Client Services departments. In total 7 Retell Sense recorders were installed to support this multi-site operation. As Matt Baker, Telecoms Manager at Parabis says; “Call recording was identified as a critical business requirement for Parabis given the nature of our service portfolio. Our clients requested call recording for the support of their customers and we needed to source a reliable and cost effective solution for our 5 sites. Furthermore, call recording would serve as a value-add for the Parabis proposition, and a selling feature to help when acquiring new clients in the future. It was for this reason that we needed a professional business recording platform such as Retell’s Sense solution”.

Why was Retell Chosen?

The main reason The Parabis Group invested in the Retell Sense recorder was that the system offered a solution that was easy to adopt, user friendly and flexible while supporting a multi-site operation. Various solutions for recording were explored but the Retell solution easily offered the best value for money in terms of features and expansion capability, we felt confident it could effectively support the current and future business needs of Parabis. Retell’s Key Partner; Integrated Business Systems, who maintain Parabis’ telephony infrastructure, recommended the award-winning Sense recording platform. As Matt continues, “I had investigated recording solutions in the past, but the Retell solution offered all the features we were looking for. The system has a very user-friendly interface, this coupled with its attractive price made the Retell recorder the winning solution and Parabis subsequently chose Retell as their preferred call recording provider of choice”.

The Solution

The real value of using the Retell Sense recorder stems through it’s ease of adoption, Sense is designed to be user friendly, search and replay is straight forward and the quality of call recordings are of a high standard. While the system is certainly easy to use, security is not compromised, calls are encrypted so they can’t be edited, neither can they be removed from the system without permission rights and agreed access levels. Calls can be retrieved and shared as a ‘.wav’ file that can be played on any PC. Recently, the Sense recorder was used at Parabis to record internal face-toface meetings, this has proven to be a very useful function for the business further demonstrating its flexibility as a recording platform.

As Matt Baker, Telecoms Manager points out; “We are a busy telecoms team supporting 2500 service users and for this reason, it is imperative that all solutions we have at Parabis are user friendly and require low maintenance. What we like about the Retell Sense recorder is that it manages itself and is very reliable. It’s very rare that a user will experience a problem and if they do, it can be rectified quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of fuss. From a systems management perspective, this is a joy since we can save time and concentrate on other activities that require our attention. The Sense recorder simply works – almost plug and play – seamlessly recording the ISDN-30 trunks and from a training perspective, the desktop client is easy for new users to take on. Similar recorders on the market are far more complex, whilst the Retell solution gives confidence to its users”. For The Parabis Group, customer service and quality is of paramount importance. Solutions which support the telecoms and IT infrastructure need to be reliable and after-care highly effective should a problem occur.