The Company

Wightlink are the main link between the Isle of Wight and the mainland. Every year, Wightlink carries over 5 million passengers, making them one of the UK’s largest domestic ferry operators.Wightlink provides Island residents with an easy and frequent service to the mainland, as well as giving millions of holidaymakers from all across the UK and beyond a taste of Island life.

At around 22 minutes a crossing on the catamaran and from 40 minutes by car ferry, there’s no easier way to get across the Solent. And with Wightlink’s three great routes and just under 60,000 crossings a year, they are the most flexible too. Wighlink are also dedicated to giving excellent customer service and facilities to make the trip even more enjoyable.

As most people who travel to and from the Island go with Wightlink, they are truly a part of Island life. Wightlink are proud to support IOW communities wherever we can, from sports sponsorship to local regeneration projects. Not forgetting the great value books of tickets Wightlink offer all Isle of Wight residents, so they can pop over to the mainland whenever they want.

The Challenge

As part of its commitment to offering excellent customer service, Wighlink operates a busy and dynamic contact centre at its Head Office in Portsmouth. Kathy Warren, the Contact Centre Manager heads up the customer service department which consists of 30-36 customer service agents, depending on the time of year and 4 supervisors. The contact centre operates seven days a week and receives up to 620500 calls per year, in the summer months volumes of 4000 calls a day are achieved, these calls are from the three main sectors Public, Coach and Freight.

As part of Wightlink’s Customer Charter, Kathy Warren was tasked at looking at what call recording solutions were available. Historically, the contact centre has used Retell’s cassette recorders for agent one to one training sessions, however, as the contact centre grew in size and given the number of calls taken by the department, it was necessary for Kathy to explore a more sophisticated multi-channel recording platform.

Calls needed to be recorded for handling customer complaints and assisting in training and coaching activities. Call recording provided the contact centre with an ideal solution for resolving customer disputes and to ensure that agents offered a consistent level of service at all times. Complaint handling was proving difficult with the cassette recorders, since call volumes were high and it was necessary to record and check potentially any agent-customer interaction if a query was raised and a call needed to be investigated thereafter.

Why was Retell Chosen?

Retell was a natural choice for Wightlink, since they had been happy using Retell’s cassette recorders but due to having to audit greater volumes of calls, needed a smarter solution which was geared to recording all calls received to the contact centre. It was for this reason that Kathy Warren chose Retell’s award winning Sense call recording platform, which included integrated call management. The Sense multi-channel recorder enabled Wighlink to move away from a manual auditing process to an automated and smarter method for evaluating agent performance and quality standards. Sense’s integrated call management system meant that calls could be easily accessed and audited as and when required. In resolving customer complaints, the recordings could be easily saved as a ‘wav’ file and forwarded to a customer, to provide clarification on what was said during a call, especially in a dispute scenario and to offer protection to both the agent and the business. Equally, call recording provided a means where agents could also access calls and verify information provided on a particular customer call. Similarly, calls can be retrieved by supervisors at any time and audited for quality evaluation purposes and ensuring that agents are maintaining KPI criteria consistently.

The Solution

The implementation of an automated recording solution, which can record large volumes of calls, which can be easily searched for and retrieved, has proven an immense benefit to Kathy Warren and the management team at Wightlink’s contact centre. As Kathy Warren, Contact Centre manager says; ‘The Sense call recorder has been invaluable in helping us to maintain high standards to our customers, meeting their expectations and resolving disputes. The call recorder is very easy to use and calls can be accessed within a few minutes, which make’s life easier for both our agents and supervisors for training and coaching purposes. We are very happy with our Sense call recorder and the service we have received from the Retell team’. Kathy goes on to say; ‘Furthermore, call recording has helped increase staff morale since agents feel protected against false claims, which can be made by customers. Agents also benefits from proactive one to one feedback sessions, where they can listen to calls with their supervisors on calls handled well and those which require development. The call management reports are also very useful for tracking call traffic analysis. The Sense call recorder has been an excellent piece of technology, which has helped our contact centre to flourish and helped the team to achieve and maintain the high standards we offer to our customers at Wightlink’. Retell’s Sense multi-channel recording platform is an award-winning solution.