…Retell’s Sense IVR and RAD/Announcer can ensure you get the correct statistics from your Call Management system on every call? Is your current IVR or Announcer built into your telephone system? Are you getting the correct statistics? With our Sense IVR and RAD platforms we sit before the telephone system ensuring we pick up the correct information from the moment a call comes in.

If call management is used with an integrated IVR or RAD system incoming calls will be shown as answered the moment a caller presses any menu button, even if the call doesn’t then go on to be answered.

Avoid all of this and receive accurate statistics every time by choosing Retell Sense IVR or Call Announcer System.

As with all of our range the Sense IVR and RAD Platforms can be upgraded to include Call Recording, Call Management and Voice Firewall providing you with even more great features.