Call Recording for Motors Industry

We have partnered with ADP to provide high-quality call recording for motors industry.

ADP Dealer Services UK Limited has issued the following press release:

“With an increasing demand for telephone call recording technology in the automotive sector, ADP is pleased to announce that a partnership agreement has been signed with Retell Ltd to develop an integrated call recording solution for the Autoline dealer management system, which specifically addresses the requirements of the retail automotive market. Call recording technology provides dealers with the means to monitor the effectiveness of every call and to ensure that telephone calls are conducted in a manner in line with company expectations.

Retell Ltd is a leading player in the call recording market and focused on providing solutions across a variety of industries including automotive, finance and the public sector.”

Background on ADP

ADP meets the IT requirements of the retail automotive industry with a range of advanced, fully-integrated specialist systems. Suitable for virtually every sector, the systems are designed for dealers, dealer groups, fleet and contract hire companies, vehicle distributors and importers. As a fully-scalable solution, configurations range from single site specialist outlets with low business volumes to multi-location businesses with hundreds of concurrent users.

Progress DMS

Progress DMS  have chosen Retell to be their partner to provide an integrated telephone call recording module in to Progress DMS’s Workforce Pro Dealer Management System