Call recording for network and Line providers

Call Recording for Network operators and Line Providers

We can work with you to integrate recording into your platform. Our back-end is completely scalable, records TDM and SIP trunks, and our API enables full integration into your existing applications for a seamless user experience.

We can create bespoke pricing to match your business model thanks to our unique position as the manufacturers of the entire solution.


As service provider for the NHS N3 data and VoIP network, BT was asked to address the recording of Cisco Call Manager extensions in individual hospitals or GP surgeries. Seeking the right balance of ease, functionality, size, scaleability and cost, BT implemented a tailored version of Retell’s Sense VoIP recording platform through MMR as the only solution to fully meet NHS needs.

SIP Trunk Providers

As a call recording software and hardware manufacturer, Retell is uniquely placed to tailor bespoke products. We work with SIP trunk providers to meet a wide variety of their and their customers’ needs, including:

  • Recording on customer premises
  • Enabling SIP trunk or VoIP extension providers to offer recording ‘in the cloud’
  • Codec support
  • Dealing with high call volumes
  • Integration into own customer front-end
  • Different pricing models to match the SIP trunk providers pricing model
  • Speech analytics