Call recording for healthcare

Call Recording for Healthcare

Retell is the only supplier of phone call recording for the NHS N3 VoIP network through BT.

GP Surgeries

Retell is a major supplier to doctors’ surgeries throughout the UK, recording both ordinary phone lines and on the NHS N3 platform.

Medical Call Centres

As well as recording calls to resolve doctor, patient, advice and appointment issues, medical call centres often need to know if they have sufficient lines for busy periods and can report on ring times. All these benefits are key parts of our Sense range.

Many of these sites have Panasonic PBXs. Since Retell is the only worldwide partner for Panasonic call recording, the support of our Sense call recording platform provides peace-of-mind security.

Telecare and telehealth

Retell is uniquely placed to provide call recording to Telecare and Telehealth providers:

  • As the manufacturer of telephony hardware and software
  • Already integrated with virtually all PBXs
  • 100% call matching between extensions and calls when recorded on the trunk
  • Active telephony hardware allowing dialling and playing of messages and recordings to callers
  • High level and low level