Call recording for PABX Manufacturers

Call Recording for PABX Manufacturers

The demand for call recording hardware by third-party vendors is increasing. Retell heads an elite body of hardware manufacturers/suppliers which can meet this need, in a market where PABX manufacturers recognise call recording as key to a complete customer solution.

However, this can mean different things. Some manufacturers build into the actual PABX some functionality, such as the capability to press a button on the phone to record a current conversation into the voicemail system. But since not all calls are recorded its benefits are slight:

  • Identifying which calls ought to have been recorded may be impossible until after the event
  • Low storage space
  • Insufficient phone system power to encrypt and compress
  • Recordings search is difficult
  • Expansion into call management and integration with other software is unavailable

A fully-functioned call recorder is much better value than a PABX with only limited native functionality. For this reason PABX manufacturers have turned to Retell, either own-branding our products or recommending Retell as a factory-supported recording solution. And because Retell hardware operates in both active and passive modes, functionality can be added to PABXs whose normal architectures forbid it.


NEC has chosen Retell as the recording engine behind the NEC MyCalls Call Recorder.


Retell have achieved Panasonic world wide Silver Accredited supplier status and are therefore the world wide supported and approved supplier of call recording and call management for Panasonic systems.

As part of the Panasonic Solutions Developer Network (PSDN) Panasonic run a Retell Sense recording system in their lab in Japan, and we have a Panasonic telephone system in our development lab.

Download our brochure for more information on the Retell and the PSDN.


Our Sense call recording system is especially suited for use with Siemens phone systems thanks to its unique call matching feature. Due to the technical nature of Siemens PBXs (the use of “phantom trunks”) it is logically impossible to match extension information (extension name and number etc.) with call recordings from the trunk lines. This could result in an employee listening to the calls of the Managing Director accidently. Sense’s patented Call Matching solution achieves a 100% match. Before you consider any other call recording solution read our call matching white paper from an independant industry expert and consider if you are really prepared to take the risk?

Nortel BCM

Retell has a particular specialism with Nortel BCM call recording that no other call recording company can match.

It is impossible to match extension information from the Nortel BCM to calls on the lines with 100% accuracy. Imagine what would happen in your company if your newest employee listens to the MD’s calls as your phone recorder fails to make a 100% match.

However Retell has a patented method for achieving a 100% match. Why settle for a 80 -90% match and the results of breaches of privacy?

Before considering any other call recording solution, ask them for their logic in how they match calls and then contact us to compare. Why take the risk with anything else?

Avaya IP Office

Recording into voicemail on the IP Office has disadvantages:

  • Often needs extra costly modules or cards to enable call recording
  • Limited by the number of ports or cards in the PABX so not every call can be recorded
  • Search and retrieval of calls difficult and extremely time consuming
  • May be difficult to download a call to a PC
  • Calls are not compressed
  • Calls are not encrypted, may not be admissible as evidence in court
  • Extensive recording of calls may overload the server causing a system crash
  • No removable media for archiving
  • Vital parts of the call might not be recorded as recording often initiated by pressing buttons on the handset

It would more beneficial to record calls with Retell as:

  • All calls are recorded automatically from start to finish
  • No cards or changes to the PABX required
  • Calls stored to an independent hard drive with automatic archiving
  • Calls can be compressed
  • Easy search and retrieval of calls


Samsung PABX

Retell has a particular specialism when recording on a Samsung PABX that no other call recording company can match, not even the Samsung own brand.

It is logically impossible to match extension information from the Samsung to calls on the lines with 100% accuracy. Even the Samsung own branded CMS VR solution cannot do it accurately: when you click to listen to a call from an extension you will be given a choice of calls, just one of which is probably the right one. Imagine what will happen if one of the other choices is a private personnel department call or your MD’s call to the bank manager.

Here at Retell we have had the capacities to research, implement and patent a technology that does give a 100% logical match on all PABXs, including Samsung. It means one search, one result of the right call, and no breach of privacy.

So buy Retell’s solution – why take the risk with anything else?

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