The Sense Range

Sense is our award-winning integrated hardware and software call recording, call reporting and call management solution for companies who need to manage multiple lines and handsets. Sense contains a range of modules that can be plugged in to create your very own bespoke solution.

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Modules that can be included in Sense

Call Recording

Call recording is the core module of Sense. You can choose from three packages to integrate call recording (and some extra features too!) into your Sense solution.

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VoIP Call Recording

Scalable, flexible digital extension VoIP call recording solution, stored in the cloud. Access your data from anywhere through your browser.

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Voice Firewall

Retell Voice Firewall is designed stop calls and reduce excessive bills through telephone system fraud, enhancing your telephone system security.

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Telephone Preference Service

Sense Telephone Preferential Service ensures you don’t call anyone who is registered to not receive unsolicited calls.

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More about Sense

Cost-effective, technically advanced and easily scalable with business growth, a Retell solution can have a highly-beneficial impact on the budget of any enterprise, particularly when compared to products from competitors such as Nice or Verint.
With our integrated speech analytics, completely scalable solutions and open architecture Retell is the choice of many of the largest companies.
SENSE: A Retell worldbeater.
We’ve developed our unique and world-leading SENSE call recording platform on the back of our years of experience and insiders’ knowledge of customer requirements.
Cost-effective, future-proof and scalable, SENSE protects your investment by working with any type of PABX.
Part of an ever-evolving family, SENSE has been adopted as a standard technology base by many other suppliers and has been integrated with leading PABX, CRM and call management solutions.
You can buy SENSE as a full turnkey recording system complete with server and software, or as an interface to your own software. Because we write and control all the code, we can ensure SENSE’s reliability, stability and readiness for tailored integration to your needs.
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Sense Compatibility

Sense is integrated with virtually all of the PABXs that are available.

• 100% matching of PABX extensions to calls recorded on the trunk: 100% logical PABX call matching, especially beneficial when the call’s PABX channel is unknown. Our 2009 patent allows matching of multiple calls into a PABX, irrespective of whether all calls are ID-witheld or answered by different extensions.
• Other call recording companies cannot do this, and so you will get mismatches – allowing for example the newest employee to  play back a call that  MD made.

Full Compatibility List

TAPI output is integrated with the following PABXs, so that you can search for calls by extension:
3Com NBX, 3CX, Aastra 800, Aastra Intelligate/OIP, Alcatel OminiPCX Office (OXO), Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise (enterprise (OXE)/Alcatel 4400, Asterisk, Avaya Communication Manager, Avaya Definity, Avaya Index, Avaya IP Office, Broadsoft Broadworks, BT Versatiltity, Cisco Call manager Express, Cisco UC500, Cicso UCM (Call Manager), DeTeWe OpenCom, Ericsson BusinessPhone, LG IPECS, LG IPLDK, LG LDK, Mitel 3000, Mitel 3300, Mitel Axxess (InterTel), Mitel CS5000 (InterTel), NEC Aspire, NEC DXE, NEC SV8100, NEC XN120, Nortel BCM, Nortel Norstar, Panasonic KX-NCP, Panasonic KX-TD, Panasonic KX-TDA, Panasonic KX-TDE, Samsung DCS, Samsung OfficeServ, ShoreTel, Siemens Hipath 3000, Siemens Hipath 4000, Siemens OpenOffice (HOOME), SpliceCom Maximiser, Tadiran Coral IPX, Telrad Connegy, Toshiba CIX, Toshiba CTX
More PABXs will be added, so contact us if your PABX is not listed.

Extension Recording

• Cisco. Retell records extensions on Cisco Call Manager. We are doing this in doctor’s surgeries and hospitals on the latest version of Call Manager for the NHS N3 network through the service provider BT.
• Analogue. Sense API
Retell’s Sense range of telephony hardware and software has been specifically designed as Open Architecture, and for integration with third-party products in need of cost-effective recording, telephone line control, or any other functionality such as a Caller ID feed.
As a hardware manufacturer, some functions are available through the API that are not available in the end user product:
• The interactive voice response low level application client (IVRLLA) can connect to more than one site (recorders installed on different physical locations).
• Running on the Wintel platform, Sense Server can be integrated on different levels
• The low level API encapsulates the Sense hardware and provides generic access to raw audio streams and simplified signalling data.
• The Call Recording back-end (Dot NET) provides a complete turnkey solution including SQL Server, Express/Standard integration, compression, encryption, archiving and an event driven API.
• You can register for events that you want to receive using the DLL on the client with no installation, client or Dot NET required.
• Many of the functions are available by licence.
• The back-end engine is re-brandable (by permission) from the title to driver names and installation folders
• The back-end engine can be hidden behind a customer’s own product
• The installer can choose and display branded 320×240 pixel images
• Different API’s enable the encapsulating product to access Sense functionality behind the scenes
Skill Level
• The Sense Server API is documented in a 80 page manual
• Integration with the backend engine requires good knowledge of programming, Windows architecture, and SQL
• Integration with the low level API only requires knowledge of Windows DLL integration. No knowledge of ISDN, CAPI or telephony is required
In The Box
• Sense API manual
• Sense SDK (code snippets)

More from the Sense range

Calculate your ROI

How much is call recording worth to you? Find out how much you could save by resolving disputes more efficiently through recording calls using a Retell Sense call recording system.

PCI Compliance

To prevent fraud and theft, the PCI Security Standards Council states that a company taking credit card numbers must comply with data storage rules. For customers who require PCI compliance Sense Enterprise has a number of options illustrated here.

Sense TPS

The TPS (Telephone Preference Service) is a central opt-out register where individuals can register their wish not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls. If you have a valid account at TPS, Sense enables you to synchronise your database, and prevent making calls to people that are TPS registered.

100% Call Matching

Retell has a particular specialism with call recording that no other call recording company has the technology to do. We give 100% logical matching of PABX extensions to the calls recorded on the trunk.

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