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We specialise in call recording software. Sense is our award-winning integrated hardware and software call recording, call reporting and call management solution for companies who need to manage multiple lines and handsets.

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  • Sense Call Analyser

Sense Enterprise

Sense Enterprise is our flagship recorder, it utilises the Sense call recording boards with fully incorporated Call Management.

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Sense Professional

As Essentials, enhanced with search by extension number and rule-based recording allowing you to exclude certain extensions, users or numbers.

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Sense Essentials

Our entry-level system records all calls in and out of your organisation, you can search for calls using a range of criteria.

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Our call recording solutions are the most comprehensive in the UK.

Our telephone recording products address the broadest palette of business and public-sector usage: from the comparatively modest needs of individuals, through the regular requirements of SMEs, to the weight, volume, accuracy and rigorousness demanded by the largest government departments, financial trading floors and multi-seat call centres.

Throughout business Retell has continually raised the bar on advanced call recording technology. In the 90s, Retell was the first company to facilitate telephone recording through the insulated cable; a major advance in the days before handsets commonly could be unplugged.

Telephone call recording, as a routine yet vital business tool, is benefiting more and more organisations, Retell has grown to lead the market.

Retell not only supplies the best in professional call recording software, we also manufacture the hardware, designing and making our own circuit boards and even writing our own low and high level code. In fact, Retell is among just eight companies worldwide to make ‘passive’ call recording cards, and only three to produce ‘active’ cards.

When dealing with Retell, you’re dealing with Call Recording Experts.

Retell telephone recording equipment, by our estimate, records over two million people every day, a performance that has grown substantially since our own manufacturing foundation.

Retell telephone recording solutions cover the widest possible range of usages, from call logging, call centre recording and music-on-hold to voice firewalls and related PABX and PBX anti-phreaking, hacking and toll fraud.

5 reasons to choose Retell as your call recording provider.

  • We own the technology
  • We use our own developers – NOT third parties
  • We offer comprehensive technical depth – as developers, installation engineers and support professionals
  • We quickly provide expert technical help – before and after you buy
  • We have over 30 years’ standing in the telecommunications business

More from the Sense range

Telephone Security

All Sense recorders support our optional Voice Firewall software, a system designed to stop calls from hacked or phreaked telephone systems being routed to expensive destinations.

PCI Compliance

To prevent fraud and theft, the PCI Security Standards Council states that a company taking credit card numbers must comply with data storage rules. For customers who require PCI compliance Sense Enterprise has a number of options illustrated here.

Sense TPS

The TPS (Telephone Preference Service) is a central opt-out register where individuals can register their wish not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls. If you have a valid account at TPS, Sense enables you to synchronise your database, and prevent making calls to people that are TPS registered.

100% Call Matching

Retell has a particular specialism with call recording that no other call recording company has the technology to do. We give 100% logical matching of PABX extensions to the calls recorded on the trunk.

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