Sense Enterprise: The complete call recording solution

Sense Enterprise is our flagship recorder, it utilises the Sense call recording boards with fully incorporated Call Management.

The complete call recording system

Sense Enterprise is a unique call recording system with integrated call management. You can record ISDN 30, ISDN 2, Analogue & IP lines or extensions. The system easily records all inbound & outbound calls as well as providing you with comprehensive call analysis and reports. Recordings are delivered in high quality stereo sound. The system even works on all types of PABX.

Use the Call Management system wallboards to discover exactly what is going on in your business and when you find that interesting call, play it back through the same user interface.  A user hierarchy lets you organise who can listen to which calls and the rules based recording means you only record what you need. Multi-site operation means that you can see call activity across sites and replay it centrally, not only that but this fantastic system is fully scalable from two channels upwards.

Extensive call recording & call management

Extensive call recording & call management

Not only does Sense Enterprise enable you to record, view and play back calls, you can use the extensive reporting capabilities to provide a top down view of your business. The software comes with a wide range of pre-built reports for you to choose from, or you can create your own custom reports, displaying the data that is important for your business. You can also configure distribution lists, to send this information via email or FTP to specific users. You can even schedule this information for specific time periods.

Detailed Extension / Group Wallboards

Detailed Extension / Group Wallboards

Integrated Call Management and Wallboards mean that not only can you easily find, annotate and replay calls, you have a wealth of information about business telephone performance at your fingertips. Wallboards are totally customisable, so you can create an unlimited number of wallboards displaying the data that is important to your business. You can even create a slideshow of wallboards which circulate automatically.

PCI Compliance

Optional PCI Compliance

To prevent fraud and theft, the PCI Security Standards Council states that a company taking credit card numbers must comply with data storage rules. For customers who require PCI compliance Sense Enterprise has a number of options illustrated here.

Customisable User Hierarchy

Customisable User Hierarchy

Sense Enterprise lets you manage your own user hierarchy, allowing you to decide who accesses specific data. You can create groups, assign supervisors, import users in bulk, and even segment by department. The user hierarchy is completely customisable to your taste.

100% Call matching

Patented 100% Call Matching

Retell has a particular specialism with call recording that no other call recording company has the technology to do. We give 100% logical matching of PABX extensions to the calls recorded on the trunk.

Rule Based Call Recording

Rule Based Recording

Sense Enterprise has rule based recording, allowing you to exclude chosen users, extensions and telephone number from being recorded. Search for calls through an enhanced Windows software client interface using a number of rule types.

Telephone System Security

Optional Voice Firewall

All Sense recorders support our optional Voice Firewall software, a system designed to stop calls from hacked or phreaked telephone systems being routed to expensive destinations.

Call Answering and Announcing

Call Answering and Announcing

You can set Sense to answer a call and play an announcement before sending the call to the telephone system, this is often used by our customers who want to announce that calls are being recorded. Using Sense Call Announcements means your voicemail is kept free and abandoned calls can be properly tracked in your call management system and the announcements themselves can be customised regularly.

Alerts and alarms

A range of alerts and alarms

Sense Enterprise comes with a range of alerts to notify you when certain events have happened, or if a certain number has called. You can set a schedule for the alert, e.g.’Every day at 5.30pm’, choose which users receive the alert with optional email notification, and configure the severity of the alert e.g. ‘Emergency.’ All this is done through a simple wizard interface.

Preview Video

Take a look at our preview video for Sense Call Analyser Enterprise. In this video, we run through some of the main features of the software for you to follow along. Please note, this video has no sound.

Telephone Preferential Service

Optional Sense TPS

The TPS (Telephone Preference Service) is a central opt-out register where individuals can register their wish not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls. If you have a valid account at TPS, Sense enables you to synchronise your database, and prevent making calls to people that are TPS registered.

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