Sense Interactive Voice Response

Sense IVR allows callers to navigate through a company’s group / team
menu via a telephone keypad.

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR allows clients to navigate through a company’s group / team menu via a telephone keypad. Sense IVR systems enable clients to provide a pre-recorded audio to further direct users on how to proceed to the relevant team / group. The Sense IVR application can be used to control call flow where calls can be broken down into a series of simple interactions based on DDI numbers. For example ‘Press 1 to be directed to Marketing, 2 for Sales, 3 for Accounts.”

Sense IVR

What is included in Sense IVR?

  • Sense DTMF stop/ start feature
  • Sense IVR feature
  • Sense Recording

What are the benefits of using IVR?

IVR helps your customers to reach their intended destination quickly. Customers that spend a long time waiting to be answered by the appropriate department are likely to hang up therefore losing you potential revenue. As part of the Sense suite of products the IVR can easily be upgraded to include Call Recording enhancing the overall product.

What are the features of Sense IVR?

  • Contains configurable default setting to go back a step or proceed to main reception
  • Option to play a message when each option is pressed

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