Extension Plus: VoIP Call Recording Software

Scalable, flexible digital extension VoIP call recording solution, stored in the cloud. Access your data from anywhere through your browser. Compatible with MS Lync PBX’s! Upgrades to Mobile Phone Recording available

The complete VoIP call recording system

The Retell Extension Plus Call Recorder is a browser-based scalable call recording solution for VoIP communication and digital extensions (TDM). Developed around the concept that all functionality should be built in, the Extension Plus offers everything you can expect from a professional yet affordable recording solution. Users and Administrators access the recorder through the web browser. Playback of recordings is done in standard media players. Key features like Search calls (by Name, Number or ID), E-mailing calls and Screen recording are easily controlled. The built-in Statistics functions give a quick insight in the telephone traffic. The use of existing standard applications guarantees a short implementation time. The Extension Plus will quickly prove to be a valuable tool in your organisation, with a high Return On Investment at an affordable price.

Scalable and flexible VoIP recording software

Retell Extension Plus can grow from 5 to 300 VoIP channels, 6 to 240 E1 channels and from 8 up to 96 TDM channels, and Analogue or any combination of those line types in one system. Retell Extension plus can be integrated in different telephone of communication environments.

Screen recording functionality - VoIP Call Recording Software

Screen recording

Screen recording is an application on the PC that take a screen shot every second and links them with the call. This is incredibly useful for training purposes and also disputes as you can playback a telephone conversation and replay what the user did on the computer screen at that time. This means there can be absolute certainty of what happened. Calls can be played back with or without their accompanying screen recordings..

Agent evaluation functionality - VoIP Call Recording Software

Agent Evaluation

An excellent training tool that allows the user to create a list of quantifiable questions to mark against a call. When playing back a call, you can answer these questions based on the information within the call to measure agent performance. You are greeted with a graphical representation of these questions, creating a fantastic training tool.

PCI Compliance - VoIP Call Recording Software

PCI Stop/Start

This is a feature for PCI compliance to start/stop the recording in the event of taking sensitive customer information. This feature can be achieved in 3 ways:  either via DTMF, using an application on the PC or via a web browser hyperlink (dependent on environment).

Multi level access Functionality - VoIP Call Recording Software

Multi level access

As with many Retell products, Extension Plus contains multi level access. User roles can be determined which give differing levels varying levels of access to the software. This is especially useful for keeping sensitive calls for management levels.

Live Note tagging Functionality - VoIP Call Recording Software

Live Note Tagger

Extension Plus lets the you tag calls with notes whilst the call is in progress. A useful application would be tagging the call when one of the participants mentions important information that needs to be recalled later on. This information is visible during call playback.

Search Functionality - VoIP Call Recording Software

Extensive Search Functionality

With Extension Plus, you can search and filter calls based on a number of useful criteria.

VoIP Call Recording Video

Take a look at our preview video for Extension Plus. In this video, we run through some of the main features of the software for you to follow along. Please note, this video has no sound.

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