PABX hacking/phreaking/toll fraud is becoming increasingly widespread and is costing businesses globally £40 billion a year in unexpected telephone bills, £1.2 billion of which is charged to UK companies. PABX dial through fraud is carried out by fraudsters who hack into a phone system, often at night or at weekends when it is least likely to be detected, running up huge costs for the unsuspecting owners. You should ensure you take care of telephone system security to avoid such costs for your business. Retell Voice Firewall can help prevent this and is designed to stop calls and reduce excessive bills through telephone system fraud, enhancing your telephone system security.

Our Voice Firewall has been specifically designed to be simple to install, and to work with any telephone system. Voice Firewall connects easily between the phone system and the network termination point. What’s more, Voice Firewall does not limit ANY of the existing functionality of your telephone system. Compatible with ISDN 2 and ISDN 30 lines.