Retell owner and Chairman Richard Herman created an avalanche of press interest in October 2012 when he successfully sued a PPI cold calling firm for his time after being pestered by telesales calls trying to get him to claim back PPI insurance that he had not paid on loans and that he never had.

Press interest at the time was so great that Richard appeared in the Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Times, Radio 5 Live, BBC Money Box, Jeremy Vine, Have I Got News For You and many more. Now Richard has been at it again, this time successfully suing another cold calling firm and winning £230 for his time. The subject of PPI cold calls as well as attracting media interest also hit on a raw nerve with consumers as over 30,000 people visited a new website set up by Richard to follow his blog, add comments or find his successful formula for suing the cold callers.

Using his own company’s single desk call recording software Richard informs PPI cold callers that if they call him again he will charge them £10 per minute for his time. In the case of his first successful action the company called back again two days later, so he sent them an invoice for £195 for the 19½ minutes that he was talking to them. They wrote to say that they had never called him but their defence was completely destroyed when he proved that he had recordings of the calls. When they did not pay the invoice he sued them and was paid £195 plus the court fees.

Without the recordings it would have been impossible to prove ‘who said what’. Whilst Retell are a manufacturer of call recording equipment for the small, medium and large business community more and more home workers and private individuals have realised the benefit of Retell’s budget home products.

Simple cassette kits or software connect easily into the BT socket or telephone handset to prove ‘who said what’ to banks, building societies, councils, insurance and PPI companies, stock brokers and more. Disabled or elderly customers have benefited by recording calls to play back to relatives and carers to protect them from scams.